Denver Broncos: 3 Franchise Highlights for 2018

Denver Broncos (Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Denver Broncos (Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /
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Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos(Photo by Eric Lutzens/The Denver Post via Getty Images) /

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The third of the 2018 rookie reload for the Denver Broncos is Courtland Sutton.  The Broncos selected Sutton 40th out of SMU in the draft and he has also not disappointed.

Sutton’s rise is different from the pedigreed Chubb or the out-of-nowhere Lindsay.  His potential was much more well-defined coming in and the Broncos were excited about his ceiling alongside a nice crop of rookies and a top-flight veteran duo in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.  He wasn’t a can’t-miss prospect, though and it wasn’t until Denver traded Thomas to the Houston Texans that we got our best glimpse at Sutton as the future.

He is very similar to Thomas in size and in ability.  His arrival softens the blow for Denver fans of saying goodbye to a favorite and a champion.  Sutton has been that good this season for Denver though and looks to be the guy to solidify that big, deceptively fast and crafty receiver that we’ve come to expect.

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DaeSean Hamilton provides much better depth than we have seen in the receiving corps recently but Courtland was the cream of the receiver picks for Denver GM John Elway.  Elway, who really is a good talent evaluator outside of the quarterback position, scores high marks for recognizing the value in Sutton and letting them both shed Thomas’ contract but get some value in return.  Had Sutton not worked out, none of that would have been possible.

It hurts to say goodbye to popular players like DT but Courtland Sutton’s style and personality are a perfect replacement.

The Broncos have struggled through much of 2018 but thanks in large part to a ridiculously good draft, there’s still gas in the tank for a fast turnaround.  The three players outlined here are the cornerstones of the hope we carry for 2019 and beyond.