Denver Nuggets: Russell Westbrook Misbehaves in the Mile High (Again)

Denver Nuggets (Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images)
Denver Nuggets (Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images) /

If you have problems everywhere you go, maybe some self-reflection is in order. Russell Westbrook has a long history of conflict with the Denver Nuggets.

If you are in the Denver area or a Denver Nuggets fan, chances are you are aware of the beef that is going on between Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma Thunder and the Nuggets mascot Rocky.  Things got started back in 2013 when Rocky threw a half court shot up during halftime of a Nuggets Thunder game.  The shot looked good and Westbrook jumped up and swatted the ball before it could go in.  It was unnecessary and kind of a jerky thing to do.  Westbrook was not going to get the last laugh however, in 2016, Rocky wearing an “I’m with stupid” t-shirt made sure the arrow pointed at its intended victim by cozying up to Russell.

While it’s all fun and games to Rocky, it appears Westbrook really has hurt feelings over the incidents.  I may have even sided with Westbrook if these were the only incidents that he had.  It seems, however, he has a problem wherever he goes.  All signs are starting to point at Westbrook acting like a baby with an attitude problem.  Technically, he started the “feud” with Rocky but wasn’t enough to see it through once begun.

Again, maybe he has had enough of Rocky’s shenanigans and that’s not difficult to believe because many of us have.  That bubble definitely gets burst during the last meeting of the Denver Nuggets and OKC Thunder at Pepsi Center on February 26th.  What appears to be adolescent boy reaches out to touch Westbrook when he is inbounding the ball near the child’s seat on the sideline.  Westbrook reacts like he was actually touched with a hot poker and proceeds to shout at the child and walks away throwing up his arms.  He continues ranting all the way across the court.

As if this behavior wasn’t shameful enough, he proceeds to comment about the incident citing the issue is about ‘player safety’.  I feel very sorry for the grown man that felt unsafe by a child touching his arm.  No, the child should not have touched him but he is, after all, a child.  I can imagine feeling overcome by a superstar of the NBA being so close.  Children sometimes do things that are impulsive.  His face and the way he spoke to that child and his family was completely unacceptable.  One would have thought Westbrook was the child in the situation.

Again, you may think the child was wrong to touch him so it’s not him again then Utah happened.  Westbrook was heckled by a fan in his next appearance in Utah facing the Jazz.  The fan was totally wrong and was later banned for life, however Westbrook’s response was also out of line.  He proceeded to shout back at the fan, threatening him and his wife.  He also had consequences through the league by way of a $25,000 fine but I mean come on, grow up.  First day in the league?

Westbrook is met in Denver by appropriate booing and I expect this will continue.  Personally, I don’t think Westbrook is good enough for this level of terrible behavior.  Sports fans will put up with a lot even as severe as murdering a pregnant girlfriend, abuse, and raucous behavior outside of sports if the player is good enough.  Russ, you are the weakest link.