NFL Draft 2019 Denver Broncos Trade 10th Pick

Denver Broncos (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Denver Broncos (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

With the 10th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos have selected nobody!  Denver has traded the pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With Dwayne Haskins and John Elway darling Drew Lock awaiting the call and Michigan linebacker Devin Bush seemingly lined up perfectly, the Denver Broncos traded their first-round pick to Pittsburgh for the 20th and the 52nd pick in this year’s draft plus a third-round pick in the 2020 draft.

It’s a curious move for a team that may struggle even with a fairly weak schedule.  Bush alone would fill a need at inside linebacker considering the departure of Brandon Marshall and the question marks surrounding Josey Jewell.

The elephant in the room for the Denver Broncos is quarterback, however and Elway is signalling his contentment with Joe Flacco as the team’s signal-caller. That’s the Joe Flacco that has the worst yards-per completion statistic in the NFL or perhaps the Flacco that’s 38th in TD-to-INT ratio.  Maybe it’s the Joe Flacco that, since his 2012 Super Bowl MVP has posted the second-lowest QBR in the NFL, eclipsing only the Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles.

Coupled Elway getting into a posturing match with Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. and the looks from Dove Valley continue to be a mixed-bag. A highly successful 2018 draft has the Broncos looking to be a team on the rise but the constant missteps at the most important position on the field serve to undermine all the positive efforts.

Joe Flacco is not going to take the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl, it’s unlikely he even takes them to the playoffs.  Everything starts from there. They can fix the lines, they can bolster the receivers and the corners.  Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman can be healthy and productive, Jake Butt can rebound. The defense can return to Super Bowl form and none of it will matter until the Denver Broncos solve the quarterback riddle.

So far, it’s not looking good.