Broncos Position Battles to Watch as Preseason Approaches

Denver Broncos (Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Denver Broncos (Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /
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Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

Another solid unit for the Broncos.

Kickers (2)

Projected Starters: Brandon McManus

Backups: Taylor Bertolet

No worries here Denver Bronco fans, unless there is injury or an otherwise unforeseen change of events, McManus will easily secure the starting role.

Bertolet could make the final roster, but I suspect it is more so of a “camp leg” type situation.

Punter (1)

Projected Starters: Colby Waldman

Backups: Brandon McManus

Waldman stepped up in a big way last season and should be expected to be even more improved.

The UC-Davis product shows perseverance and dedication to his craft.

Long Snapper (1)

Projected Starters: Casey Krieter

Backups: Austin Schlottman, Jake Rodgers, Sam Jones

Casey should retain his job, but the Broncos resigning him to an awkward one year deal spells trouble in the water if he does not produce.

Schlottman, Rodgers, and Jones would all be reliable backup linemen who could be versatile enough to learn the position if need be.

Kick Return

Projected Starters: Devontae Booker

Backups: Brendan Langley, Trinity Benson

Booker is able to be a dangerous return man when given the chance and he does not fumble, but do not count out the speed and elusiveness of Langley.

Another possible candidate would be Trinity Benson, who would offer more of the small returner vibe like Trindon Holiday.

Punt Return

Projected Starters: River Cracraft

Backups: Brendan Langley, Fred Brown

River Cracraft is capable of getting decent return yards on punt returns which can be increibly challenging.

Langley also a possibility for this position due to his speed and elusiveness, but Fred Brown may be a more sturdy option for a punt return player.

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