Joe Sakic Promoted to Vice President, Pierre LaCroix replaced by Josh Kroenke


The Colorado Avalanche have announced today that Josh Kroenke has been named President and Joe Sakic will replace Pierre Lacroix as Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations. Pierre Lacroix will remain with the organization as an advisor.  Greg Sherman will continue working as general manager, but remains on the hotseat in the coming season.

Joe Sakic previously worked as executive advisor and alternate governor for the Colorado Avalanche.  Avalanche fans can compare this hiring similar to the Denver Bronco’s hiring of John Elway, a move that many believe helped push the Broncos into the postseason.

Greg Sherman will work with Joe in managing the day-to-day business operations of the team as General Manager,” Kroenke reported “I know he is just as optimistic as Joe and I are about the future of our team.”

“Last week, Josh reached out to me about the possibility of a bigger role,” Sakic said  “After those discussions, I really believe that Stan and Josh are committed to this franchise and want us to get back to where we used to be and compete for the Stanley Cup. Because of their commitment, it’s definitely the right time for me to take a more active role.”

Josh Kroenke also serves as the Denver Nuggets president.  Given that their seasons overlap eachother, it may be difficult for Josh Kroenke to allot his time between the two franchises.

Three years of playoff drought has sparked some changes in internal management, but will it be enough?