A Look at Nate Robinson’s Unique Road to Recovery


January 15, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Denver Nuggets point guard Nate Robinson (10) celebrates after a basket against the Golden State Warriors during the third quarter at Oracle Arena. The Nuggets defeated the Warriors 123-116. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Robinson, the Denver Nuggets’ pint-sized point guard who tore his ACL in January, is spending the offseason navigating the long road to recovery. And judging from recent posts on his Instagram account, Nate the Great is making the most of every minute.

Earlier this month, Nate posted the video below, giving Nuggets fans a look at his bike ride to rehab:

Nate’s rehab also includes keeping his knee elevated while knoshing some Sour Eggs candy and hanging with his daughter:

Fortunately for Nuggets fans, Nate’s unique approach seems to be paying off. This clip he posted late last week shows his handles aren’t rusty:

And even more promising is this clip of Nate doing work on his personal basketball court. Not too shabby considering he’s only about four months removed from his knee injury:

Keep doin’ you, Nate. Pedal pushing, candy eating, dribble drills, and backyard jumpers – whatever it takes to get you back on the court next year.