Why Juwan Thompson Should Be The Starting RB For Denver


Back in the preseason, I wrote a column here explaining how the Denver Broncos caught lightning in a bottle with one Juwan Thompson.   None of that has changed.  Juwan Thompson has everything it takes to not only start this Sunday against the 49ers, but for the future.

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In is short time with the Broncos, Thompson has shown great athleticism, speed, power, toughness, anything you want in a running back, he has. Ronnie Hillman will more than likely start again Sunday and for good reason as he had over 100 yards this past Sunday against the Jets, but before long you best believe that the Broncos will go with Thompson with the foreseeable future.

Yes he is a rookie, but the potential is there.  You see flashes of greatness in him.  He does all the little things well, he has the vision and the smarts, but most importantly to this offense is that he’s big and can block for Peyton Manning.  Also, he is cheaper, and a better option in the long run than both Hillman and Montee Ball should he return as the feature back.  He is a gem that no team took a chance on in the draft, but one that the Broncos will make teams wish they did in the very near future.

The Broncos have also attempted to turn into a running team this year (With little success mind you) and for that they need a back that can be an every down back.  That is Thompson.  Hillman is a speed guy, which makes it maddening to see him out there when it’s 3rd and 2 and the Broncos just need a couple of yards.  Hillman should be used as a change of pace back from the power and physicality that Thompson will bring.

The sooner that the Broncos realize what they have in Thompson, the better he will become, and the better the offense will become.  It will happen, it is only a matter of time before number 40 is up in the lights as the starting running back for the Denver Broncos.