Robert Nkemdiche: Could He Fall to Denver Broncos in Draft?


Robert Nkemdiche recently made headlines in the news for falling out of hotel window, which led to his subsequent arrest (marijuana possession), but could he fall to the Denver Broncos in the 2016 NFL Draft?

Earlier this month, Robert Nkemdiche made headlines for falling out of a fourth-story room at a hotel in Atlanta. The Atlanta Police Department reported that Robert Nkemdiche fell out of the window, walked about 15 feet, climbed over a wall, and fell another 15 feet. After the fall, Robert Nkemdiche went to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, but he was reported to be in stable and conscious condition after the incident occurred. While investigating the scene, Atlanta PD found multiple marijuana cigarettes (joints) in his hotel room, leading to Robert Nkemdiche being charged with possession of marijuana.

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After a whirlwind of media coverage, Ole Miss decided to suspend their superstar defensive tackle for the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma State University. With the suspension looming over Robert Nkemdiche, he decided to declare for the 2016 NFL Draft; moreover, ESPN’s Mel Kiper rates Nkemdiche as a top-10 pick heading into the NFL Draft. However, Kiper declared Robert Nkmediche a top-10 pick before his recent incident involving a marijuana possession charge. This incident falls in line with last season’s incident involving Denver Broncos’ linebacker Shane Ray.

Last season, as a member of the Missouri Tigers, Shane Ray entered the NFL Draft combine as one of the higher rated players in the draft, with some teams believing he was a top-five talent coming out of college. However, days before the NFL Draft, Ray was cited for possession of marijuana, and the charge killed some of his hopeful draft stock. The incident did not deter the Denver Broncos from selecting Ray with the 23rd pick (first round) of the 2015 NFL Draft. Colorado is known for its legalization of marijuana; thus, the charges hold less impact than with other teams around the NFL.

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The Denver Broncos project to be in a similar situation in the 2016 NFL Draft, and with Robert Nkemdiche’s recent arrest, he may fall to a later pick in the first round. As a team with an already-strong defense, the Denver Broncos have a chance to make their defense better, even with a late first round draft pick. Robert Nkmemdiche was the number one overall prospect in America coming out of high school, and he originally committed to Clemson. However, his brother (Denzel) and mother swayed his decision, and he ultimately chose Ole Miss as his stomping grounds, in what proved to be a monumental recruiting class in 2013.

Robert Nkemdiche is the epitome of a freak athlete. Standing at 6’4” and 300 lbs, Nkemdiche possesses great speed and footwork to be a force at the next level. After Robert Nkemdiche’s freshman season, he was named Freshman All-SEC by the league’s coaches, and he earned First Team Freshman All-American honors by College Football News. In Nkemdiche’s sophomore sesaon, he was a key part to Ole Miss’ stellar defense. Ole Miss led the nation in points allowed per game (16.0), and they led the SEC in tackles for loss per game (7.6).

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Despite not putting up otherworldly stats as a member of the Ole Miss Rebels, Robert Nkemdiche, as a sophomore, earned First Team All-SEC by the Associated Press (AP) and Second Team All-America by several publications, including AP, USA Today, and CBS Sports. In Robert Nkemdiche’s junior season, he played on both sides of the football, occasionally getting touches at tight end or running back. While in high school, Nkemdiche, routinely, played running back at Grayson High School; however, at the NFL level, Nkemdiche likely sticks to the defensive side of the football.

Robert Nkemdiche comes with high regards entering the 2016 NFL Draft, and while his draft stock might fall due to his recent arrest, the Denver Broncos will not shy away from his talents (as seen by last year’s Shane Ray selection). The only question regarding Robert Nkemdiche is whether or not he remains on the draft board when the Denver Broncos are ready to make their first round selection. If he is, expect the Denver Broncos to select the future superstar defensive tackle. He is a more physically gifted Jadeveon Clowney; furthermore, Robert Nkemdiche possess a better skill set and bigger frame.

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ESPN’s Mel Kiper has not come out with a revised big board since the incident, so it remains to be seen where he believes Robert Nkemdiche falls due to his recent arrest. The Denver Broncos do not typically shy away from players like Nkemdiche, even with an arrest on his record, especially since the marijuana possession would not have been punishable in the Mile High City. Regardless, Robert Nkemdiche will learn from his mistakes, but he makes for a potential value pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.