Colorado Rapids vs LA Galaxy Round Two: Keys To The Win

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The Colorado Rapids are a tough team. 

They have committed the most fouls in the league this season.  Now I’m not

saying the Rapids need to commit fouls to play tough but a hard-hitting team is something that can control games and get under the opponents skin.  

The trick to playing tough is to do it smart.  Sure there will be lapses in judgement that come with living on the edge of a constant PK but as long as the pace of the match is being controlled through tough play I can live with that. Kortne Ford drew one of those fouls in the game against the Earthquakes.  The Rapids still won.

The Rapids should have no problem committing a few fouls the question is can they make the fouls they commit work for them.  Getting under the skin of a good team can win the pace to a favor the Rapids want.  As long as they’re playing hard they should get the win.

Again, this is not going to be an easy game to win for the Colorado Rapids.  They are going up against an L.A. Galaxy team that is looking for Revenge.  As long as the Rapids remain diligent to the game plan that they have executed in the past two games they stand a shot.  If they focus on the keys to the win that we have looked at here then the Rapids should make this a good game.