Denver Broncos: 4 Players Standing Out in Camp

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The Broncos third-round pick has been solid, professional.

Freeman carried a big load for the University of Oregon. He is the Ducks all-time leader in rushing yards (5,621) and touchdowns (60). He is big, fast and punishing in short-yardage sets.  As we’ve mentioned, Freeman’s value to the Broncos is in third-down and red zone efficiency.

His particular brand is sweet medicine for the Broncos and in the early going in camp he’s proven to be a shrewd pick at 71. Again, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this is the beginning of camp and Freeman and the offense still have much to prove.


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For now, though, the 6 foot, 240 lb. back has shown all the things you’d expect and a couple you wouldn’t.  Great hands out of the backfield and blocking/blitz pickups chief among those.  Freeman has participated in a turnaround in attitude as well.  The last two Broncos camps were dominated by defense.  This season, even the defensive players have noted the change on the offensive side.

The line is tougher, the backs are holding their blocks and picking up rushers.  The receivers are battling.  The two units are feeding off of each other and that is great news for fans.

Freeman is at the forefront of that offensive toughness and if he can translate that into game performance, he will be as important as anyone to Denver’s fortunes.